Fun with Hitler

All the parodies listed below are from the same scene (when Adolf
rants at his generals in the bunker) from the movie "Downfall".
and it's freaking hilarious.
Heil Schmock!

Hitler gets banned from xbox live

Hitler wants a PS3 for xmas but gets a Wii instead

Hitler gets banned from Playstation Network (PSN)

Hitler is mad because of a PSN error

Hitler finds out Pokemons aren't real

Hitler finds out he can't beat the Pokemon league

Hitler finds out he was not accepted into Hogwarts

Hitler's World of Warcraft account gets hacked

Hitler can't complete Super Mario Bros

Hitler wants marijuana legalized

Hitler ran out of weed

Hitler loses his porn

Hitler smells a fart

Hitler hates new Facebook

Hitler gets deleted from Facebook

Hitler finds out he's on Youtube

Hitler finds out the gays are getting married

Hitler finds out his daughter is pregnant

Hitler gets a girl pregnant

Hitler orders a Happy Meal

Hitler gets fired from McDonald's

Hitler finds out Christiano Ronaldo is moving to Real Madrid

Hitler finds out Osama Bin Laden is dead

Hitler reacts to Lady Gaga WMA'S award

Hitler is rejected by Lady Gaga

Hitler finds out Megan Fox is not in Transformers 3

Hitler learns about the Spider-man reboot

Hitler is told about the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises"

Hitler rants about "Alien 3"

Hitler reacts to yet another horror movie remake

Hitler tries to watch "Inception" again

Hitler fanboy reaction: "Inception" oscar snub 2011

Hitler rejected for Joker in Batman 3

Hitler's mother is coming to visit

Hitler's iPhone is broken

Hitler angry reaction to the iPad

Hitler hates Walmart

Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died

Hitler get scammed on eBay

Hitler gets caught using limewire

Hitler loses his gym membership

Hitler's car has been stolen

Hitler's review on "Saving Private Ryan"

Hitler reviews "Transformers"

Hitler reviews "Disaster Movie"

Hitler hates "Indiana Jones 4"

Hitler hears of the new "Star Wars" blu-ray release changes

Hitler's reaction to the Death Star being destroyed

Hitler finds out Georges Lucas is making "Star Wars" 3D

Hitler dislikes "The Phantom Menace"

Hitler reacts to the new "Star Trek" movie

Hitler reacts to Battlestar Galactica' ending

Hitler rants about his dead dog

Hitler finds out SpongeBob is cancelled

Hitler finds out the truth about Santa

Hitler doesn't like How Harry Potter ends

Hitler can't be Voldemor

Hitler vs Hannah Montana

and finally...

Hitler rants about the Hitler parodies
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