23 December 2018

Joyeux Noël & Bonne Année 2019

08 December 2018

Currently at the top of my Deep House playlist

mix of Deep House & Chillout, on SoundCloud & MixCloud in #DHC052 mixed by Tarse P

RON TREND regard (starts @ 5.50)

10 November 2018

Deep House for the week-end

PHABLE what u want (Deep Vocal House)

02 August 2018

Restaurant ORA - Helsinki 1.8.2018

There's no better way to begin holidays with a dinner in a good restaurant.
And there's no better place in Helsinki at the moment than michelin restaurant ORA.
Really, when it comes to new finnish cuisine, Sasu rules supreme.

Being regulars of Sasu's former Chef & Sommelier and now Ora, he knows that, because (or despite) of my french wine education, I'm no fan of wines pairing (a different wine for each course). So, he specially made for me a separate list from the "official" restaurant's wines list. nice touch.


Peas, currants & jalapeno

Whitefish & kohlrabi, served with smoked whitefish belly croquette & apple mayo

Zucchini, mediterranean herbs (lavander, oregano, rosmari) & pickled vendace, served with focaccia & homemade butter.

Confit pork in a creamy cider & mustard sauce

Margigold & rhubarb

Meadowsweet, tomato & red currants

Blueberry financier

same thing as Limoncello. Made from rhubarb juice instead of lemon, vodka & sugar.
This experimental stuff came from behind the counter - nowhere to be seen on a list.

16 July 2018

04 August 2017

Slo-mo Japan

... with Naoki Kenji, the maestro of japanese downtempo.

NAOKI KENJI akatombo

NAOKI KENJI oshitsuki

03 August 2017

Tasting/Testing evening at Restaurant Ora, Helsinki

Restaurant Ora now replaces restaurant Chef & Sommelier. The later has been renovated from top to bottom to give birth to this new place. Sasu Laukkonen is still at the helm with a new team. Saila and I were invited Wednesday, August 2 - along 10 privileged guests, and free of charge - to test/taste the new concept restaurant and give our opinions during this private evening. The restaurant officially opens Thursday Aug. 3. Neddless to say, the food is still incredibly creative, and most importantly, seriously good.

Welcome to restaurant Ora

This menu will be served for the next 4/5 weeks.

The delights, or amuses-bouche.

Strawberries & beetroots

Whitefish tartar, fresh peas and herbs...

... served with a smoked fish croquette & apple mayo, and a withefich skin crisp with herbs

Confit tomato & rose

Lamb with radishes & crisp cabbage

Palate cleanser (kind of frozen powder flavored with herbs)

Marigold, rhubarb and lemon thyme (we didn't make photos of the last dessert "Currants with anise", café & liquors)

The Ora team. From left: Adam Kavanagh (cook), Sausu Laukkonen, Tiina Kontkanen (waitress), Noora Sipilä (restaurant manager & sommelier - this young lady comes from restaurant Muru in Helsinki), and head chef Erno Kemi (who comes from restaurant Ragu, in Helsinki too). He's the man who baked the cake for our wedding anniversary dinner at Chef & Sommelier last May. (see message 15.5.2017 or use tags: "ravintola" or "restaurant")


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