15 July 2019

Deep House do Brasil

The kind of music that gives your feet a life of their own. Tudo bem!
MANNI Tamborim Cuica (Master)

13 July 2019

Breakfast @ Ikea Vantaa

So, breakfast at Ikea... bad idea? Well, if you look only at the price, it's a rather good one.
On the other hand, if you look at the quality... well, you probably not gonna get organic food or freshly made scramble eggs. But overall, the food is not bad. And it's probably better than what you would expect. Plus, you can pile up food on your plate till the ceiling. So, breakfast at Ikea...

… Hell yeah!!

These pies & cakes come as extras (not included in the breakfast package).

Same for the open sandwiches (smørrebrøds in Denmark). Costs extra €€€

Porridge & frankfurters.

Omelettes & fried bacon


Veggies, ham (cheese & hard boiled eggs not on the pic)

Pancakes, cinnamon & cheese rolls come as extras

Breakfast looking rather engaging.
(machines for latte, capuccino, moccachino, etc.. and at will)

29 June 2019

Canarian grill

We bring these spices mixes from our holidays in the Canaries last March.
Adobo Canario: garlic, paprika, origan, sweet paprika, cumin & thyme
Mojo Picon: garlic, paprika, cumin, sweet paprika, cayenne
Mojo de Cilantro: garlic, coriander seeds & grounded, parsley & cumin
Salmorejo: garlic, chery pepper, parsley, origan, sweet paprika & thyme

 Beef burgers needs an higher fat percentage than normal for the meat to stay moist.
Around 20% fat is a good balance. Less than that and the meat would dry up fast on the grill due to intense heat. We did use Mojo Picon because we wanted spicier taste.

Mandatory bacon

So, the result...
Brioche bun, smoky apple & chili sauce, organic guacamole, chopped red onion, 2 organic beef burgers topped with melted jalapeno cheese, bacon, pickles & on top Kentucky Whiskey bbq sauce. Served with potato salad & English cider. The burger is juicy, spicy, sweet & sour. Yummi...

22 June 2019

Midsummer's eve dinner @ restaurant ORA

Michelin restaurant Ora (and before that restaurant "Chef & Sommelier" - different name, same place, same chef) has become over the years our "cantine" in Helsinki. We have spend a lot of time (and money) there. But the place is so cool and the food so good that coming back is a no brainer. Usually during spring/summer when the weather is warm enough, we spend some time chatting with the man (and sometimes drinking - more like sipping for Sasu, he works after all) on the pavement. This time we lasted almost 50min. and 2/3 of a bottle of white, to chat about our respective future holidays in France. That's why Sasu did bring some appetizers outside. Have you ever eaten Michelin food on the pavement? Well, at Ora's it's possible!

 Potato & fish roe

lightly smoked trout and a nice Chablis

Sasu is prepping the pheasant (midway between a galantine and a mousse)

 Plated and ready to be eaten.
(the pheasant is topped with apples)

 The beef shank is served as an "overcooked terrine" with a "beurre blanc" dressing.
Weird at first, but it works a treat.

Meadowsweet ice cream & a Buckthorn quenelle, served with pavlova & strawberry

07 June 2019

Cool is timeless

One of the coolest piece of funk ever released, from the people who made 2 other unforgettable classics
 "On the beat" and "Starlette"... God bless Jacques Fred Petrus.

BB and Q BAND time for love (12" inch)

08 December 2018

Currently at the top of my Deep House playlist

mix of Deep House & Chillout, on SoundCloud & MixCloud in #DHC052 mixed by Tarse P

RON TREND regard (starts @ 5.50)

10 November 2018

Deep House for the week-end

PHABLE what u want (Deep Vocal House)

02 August 2018

Restaurant ORA - Helsinki 1.8.2018

There's no better way to begin holidays with a dinner in a good restaurant.
And there's no better place in Helsinki at the moment than michelin restaurant ORA.
Really, when it comes to new finnish cuisine, Sasu rules supreme.

Being regulars of Sasu's former Chef & Sommelier and now Ora, he knows that, because (or despite) of my french wine education, I'm no fan of wines pairing (a different wine for each course). So, he specially made for me a separate list from the "official" restaurant's wines list. nice touch.


Peas, currants & jalapeno

Whitefish & kohlrabi, served with smoked whitefish belly croquette & apple mayo

Zucchini, mediterranean herbs (lavander, oregano, rosmari) & pickled vendace, served with focaccia & homemade butter.

Confit pork in a creamy cider & mustard sauce

Margigold & rhubarb

Meadowsweet, tomato & red currants

Blueberry financier

same thing as Limoncello. Made from rhubarb juice instead of lemon, vodka & sugar.
This experimental stuff came from behind the counter - nowhere to be seen on a list.

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