19 February 2017

Diet is so overrated

... and so with this in mind, we decided to go full throttle to death by cholesterol, which is so underrated. Fortunately for us, we'll live another day to put this theorem in pactice again.

Côte de cochon fermier bio, reduction de sauce au vin & échalotes, purée de rutabagas caramélisés.
A chunky organic pork rib, with a reduction of red wine sauce & shallotts to the point of being a thick, sticky sirup, and a purée of caramelized rutabagas (usually eaten during the Christmas period in Finland).

The holy trinity of stinky cheeses! Top left: Reblochon, bottom left: Fribourg, right: Époisse. Best enjoyed with wines with strong bodies like those from Bourgogne (Baune, Hautes Côtes de Nuit, etc...) or even something from the Rhône valley like a Châteauneuf du Pape. And of course, a good country bread and some dark yellow butter (to add insult to injury).

Tarte au citron meringuée
And then, what's best to round up the meal than a lemon & meringue pie. The slight acidy makes a welcome diversion after all the cheesy fat.

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