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hi there,
this special page is designed for a quick music fix.
I post only links to videos for an easier access.
if you want a more detailed version (LP/Compilation info & cover pic),
click the different tags at the end of each messages on main page (house - chillout/lounge - disco/funk - misc or music, if you want all the videos in one go).
if for some weird reasons you don't like electronic music - and there's a lot here, don't bother and go back to the main page.

PS: videos get deleted over time, so copy/paste titles below on youtube and make a fresh search.

MANDALAY deep love - Onda mix (chill house)

FUSED  saving Mary (house)

CHUNK & TWIST  the UK sound (deep house)

SPOOKY  schmoo (house)

COSTA MARTINEZ very young & so strong (chill house)

SONIC TWIN agua azul (chillout)

ASHLEY SCOTT back home (deep house)

ULTRA NATE  free - Mood II Swing extended vocal mix (house)

SVEN VÄTH  fusion (lounge)

ITHAKA feat. Marta Dias   escape from the city of angels (rap)

TALISMANTRA  warmth reheated (chill house)

BLACK LEGEND vs SHORTIE somebody (house)

NO SE feat. MENELIK  quelle aventure (rap)

AME STRONG  tout est bleu  - Francois Kevorkian mix (house)

VERNON don't be lonely - An2 remix (tech house)

STARDUST  music sounds better with you - Dimitri from Paris remix (house)

NEIL HOWARD  indulge (house)

TIERNAN O'NEIL shine (deep house)

RICKY INCH  winter love - dub mix (deep house)

LORRAINE  transatlantic flight - Axwell mix (house)

DA HOOL  meet her at the love parade (house)

DAN HARTMAN  instant replay 12 inch (disco)

TAVARES  heaven must be missing an angel (disco)

DIMITRI FROM PARIS  sacré français (misc)

JM BERUTICH  it's you baby - Christiaan Kouijzer remix (house)

JAZZ4  blue forest (deep house)

KARU  amazing place (deep house)

KARU  sketch the play (deep house)

KARU  angel fly away (deep house)

G-RILLO  one love - original mix (deep house)

OFFICE GOSSIP  street talk (deep house)

7B  Dr. girlfriend (deep house)

TOJAMI SESSIONS touched (deep house)

SCOPE  Toronto (deep house)

PHOTEK ni ten ichi ryu (drum&bass)

MERGE OF EQUALS gravity (chillout)

MERGE OF EQUALS take you there (chillout)

ENRICO DONNER side chain reactions (lounge bossa)

SOLAN  essence - Dresslifter Remix (deep house)

MARTIN BÖTTCHER  die halbstarken - Ohm-G's Evissa Garage Heaven Mix (chillout)

MARTIN BÖTTCHER  unser haus in Kamerun - AK Musique Mix (chillout)

DANIEL MASSON  in flight (chillout)

DANIEL MASSON  lake palace (chillout)

MONODELUXE  lemon squash (chillout)

ALEXANDRA HAMPTON  rewind that feat. Nikita Pirogov (chillout)

ALEXANDRA HAMPTON  dust storm (chillout)

BEN DROEVIK  ik Ben Droevig (chillout)

ASLE golden sun - Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Remix (house)

BORIS BLENN mellow (lounge)

PETE GUST  so deep inside (deep house)

SCHMOOV!  can't u see - Original Mix (deep house)

MICHAEL E  bliss you (chillout)

MONODELUXE take me to (chill house)

UNDERWORLD cups - Salt City Orchestra Vertical Bacon Vocal (chillout)

IRON CURTIS  just us - Basement Dub (deep house)

AKmusique  tracking love (lounge)

AFTERLIFE  smooch (chillout)

SHEILA & B DEVOTION  no no no no (disco)

CLAUDE FRANCOIS  alexandrie alexandra (disco)

ALEX MARTINEZ  mara kombe (deep house)

KURTIS BLOW  Christmas rappin' 12inch  (old skool rap)

St GERMAIN  Alabama blues - Todd Edwards vocal mix (house)

St GERMAIN  Alabama blues - Todd Edwards dub mix (house)

STUDIO 15  be together (chill house)

Dr SILENCE  orchestrange (chillout)

JAIDENE VEDA sunday (Jason B rmx) Sunday Skool Edit (Deep House)

7B confining spaces (Deep House)

NUNO ROZZ my mind - Massivedrum Sexy Mind Mix (Deep House)

DIEGO AUGUANNO flooresence  (Deep House)

LENNY IBIZARRE all about the girl  (ambient lounge)

LENNY IBIZARRE @ mambo (ambient lounge)

BLACK LIQUID broken jazz  (chill house)

PAUL REIN sushi (lounge house)

MICHELLE OWEN Dee & Deaf (house)

 MICHELLE OWEN Dee & Deaf  - Murat Kilic Remix (deep house)

TJ SWANN & PEEWEE MEL  maximus party (rap)

CROATIA SQUAD Croatia annual report Pt4 (deep house)

BACK 2 U morning sun - The Sunny Breakfast Edit - (chillout)

SP24BIT Project Jazz Redemption - Mellow Mystics version (chillout lounge)

THE SURA QUINTET feat. Adriana Macedio esperança falta  (chill house)

LEONARDO BORTOLOTTO five were replaced (chill out)

THE SURA QUINTET bahia de taco  (lounge)

NAOKI KENJI the island  (chill out)

ORG LOUNGE soon  (lounge)

SCHWARZ & FUNK miles away - Original Mix (lounge)

FRANKIE KNUCKLES back in a day (house)

SCRITTI POLITTI wood beez (new wave)

SCRITTI POLITTI  the word girl (new wave)

SPIRITCHASER taiga (deep house)

SPIRITCHASER ride - Original (deep house)

THE MIKE FLOWERS POP wonderwall (pop)

SPIRITCHASER not far - Original Mix (deep house)

SPIRITCHASER yesterday's gone - Tommorow's Dub (deep house)

AKI BERGEN feat. Carmen Cherry into my soul - Spiritchaser Remix (deep house)

SPIRITCHASER footprints (deep house)

SIMPLE MINDS promised you a miracle (new wave)

SPIRITCHASER coral (deep house)

VAS FLOYD feat. SARA SHELVIN kiss the world away (deep house)

ASYMETRIC SOUL dimonde - Spiritchaser Remix (deep house)

MARTIN BÖTTCHER starlight serenade - Gabor Deutsch Mix (chillhouse)

ZEB romantic (lounge)

MAXIM ILLION quatre pièces collées (lounge)

DIMTRI FROM PARIS  une very stylish fille (lounge)

JAIDENE VEDA soul size love - Jon Delerious Keep It Deep Mix (deep house)

BILLY PAUL WILLIAMS  ye merry gents (house)

JENS BUCHERT  leave me (Chillout)

LUKAS LYRESTAM all I think about - Monitor 66 Remix (deep house)

MICHAEL E close to you (chillout)

DUSTIN McCoi  what you want - Dayne S Remix (nu disco)

LORRAINE Transatlantic Flight - Axwell Remix (deep house)

ROMANTHONY ministry of love - Original  (house)

THE ART OF NOISE moments in love - Full Original (chillout)

EDX cool xou off - Original Mix (deep house)

EDX empathy - Original Mix (deep house)

DALMINJO departure lounge (lounge)

OSCAR STRINGZ feat. Eric Norman view from the sky (lounge)

 HUSKY hypnotic  (deep house)

PINO D'ANGIO ma quale idea - Jamie Lewis Remix (house)

THE ROMANTICS talking in your sleep (new wave)

AANDRA feat. Ayako Higuchi  green tea (downtempo)

NAOKI KENJI  akatombo (downtempo)

NAOKI KENJI  oshitsuki (downtempo)

PHABLE what u want - Deep Vocal House (deep house)

RON TREND regard (deep house)

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